A Portrait of the Artist

Here are some images that I’ve been collecting for a number of years; portraits of artists, mainly in their studios or work spaces, although I managed to capture a few of these amazing creatures in the Wild as well. By “Artist” I mean anyone that primarily lives by their creative work, or feels this their reason for being. I even included a couple of portraits of an athlete, middle distance Olympian Lopez Lomong, who lives his life with creative flair, largely in service of others. Obviously I’m not hewing to any sort of strict definition of the word. Many of these pictures are not in their final state of polish, but I wanted to get these online as examples of the sort of thing I’ll be trying to do in the upcoming week, when I’ll be in New York City with my 8×10 view camera in hopes of adding a few more creative faces to the series. If you would like to be immortalized in this sure to be iconic series of images, Please contact me ASAP. I’ll be available to shoot between Friday August 9 and Thursday August 15.

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