Double Rainbow!!

Lately I”ve been feeling a little down. My skies have been gloomy, and my parade has been canceled due to rain. Every single day. The job hunt, in other words, just hasn’t been going my way. Who the Hell sends out rejection letters on the Fourth of July? I know who, but I suppose it would be some sort of breach of professional courtesy to name names. I Just hope I never get that bitter.

Then I saw it.
A rainbow.

I even managed to get a few pictures out the car window with my iPhone as we sped home from our Day after Independence day cookout at Sacha’s mom’s house, during which I won a one dollar bet that her mother would indeed serve Hoffman’s Hot Dogs. I also managed to make a single 8×10 exposure of our little gathering, minus myself, with my newly acquired Fujinon 300mm 5.6 lens.

In spite of my winning wager, a potentially iconic photograph, some truly delicious grilled meat, and even a rainbow, I still wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted a Double Rainbow. through the hot dog grease glazed glass of my previous gen iPhone, all I could make out was a run-of- the-mill-end-of-the-storm partial arc. We all instinctively know that the quotidian single rainbow has lost its potency to inspire Hope due to the tragic Instagram Aural Vacuum effect, compounded by the instant availability of a Global HDR Rainbow Imagery Database that raises rainbow saturation expectation quotients far beyond what the natural Rainbow Occurrence Rate could possibly Hope to accommodate, that is if a natural phenomenon can have Hope of its own.

But tonight, or this morning, rather, I decided to upload the images I took with my Sony Nex-7 over the weekend. I just recalled that the battery had failed in my smartphone right at the Instant of the Rainbow Encounter, and I had grabbed the Sony to make a few more Hopeful exposures, not in any Hopes of capturing an image of the Metaphor of Hope itself, but more as a technical exercise in producing a watered down double ironicized meta cliche of the dregs of inauthenticity that have been left to us latter day digital pilgrims.

You could hardly imagine my surprise then, as I discovered on reexamining a number of these images on upload, a REAL DOUBLE RAINBOW! OMG! Maybe there is Hope after all! I’ll apply for a job at the Crowne Plaza immediately!

I’m truly sorry if you were expecting a Triple Rainbow. Nobody promised you a Triple Rainbow. Have you become so desensitized that a Double Rainbow isn’t enough?

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