Radio interview with Nerhu Fulbright Scholar & Curator Neeta Omprakash Naique and ECSU Visual Arts and Art History Department Chair and Professor Dr. Gail Gelburd

Dr. Gail Gelburd Chair of the Visual Arts Department and Art Historian of Asian and Contemporary Art at Eastern Connecticut State University and Neeta Omprakash, a Nehru-Fullbright Scholar engage in a wide ranging discussion about the “Mother Goddess” exhibit at Eastern’s Akus Gallery, aired on March 19th on Wayne Norman’s radio show on WILI AM 1400 here: or you can download the file and listen to the interview directly here! ecsu_akus_mother_goddess_march_19_2013-1. Learn a bit about the Fulbright Fellowship, Neeta and Gail, Indian art history, the Mother Goddess exhibition, stories of Indian Goddess, the art in the exhibition, and some ideas about mothers as well.

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