Month: June 2013

Gonstermacher’s Last Show at Shifty’s, June 29, 2013

Last night I had a blast with Sacha at Shifty’s. It was fun to see so many friends out, like David Prince, Pam McGlaughlin, Paul Pearce, Anita Welych, and Leo Crandall, the G’s lead man. It was a bittersweet evening with Shag on Roof’s CD release, but also Gonstermacher’s last show (for now, hopefully!) Their amazing drummer, Hymie Witthoft is moving to Central Asia soon, so it might be a little hard for them to get together. It occurs to me that I’ve photographed quite a few of their shows the last few years. I have way too many pictures of their performances to share as a slide show, but here are a few from last night. Maybe it’s time to make a video!

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