Month: March 2013

Motherhood to Mother Goddess Opens Tonight at the Akus Gallery

I’ve not exactly cultivated a reputation as a particularly motherly type, but I’m proud to have my work included along with that of Amina Begum Ahmed, Siona Benjamin, Anjali Deshmukh, Peggy Blood, and Suzanne Jackson in the exhibition opening tonight at the Akus Gallery, Eastern Connecticut State University, Motherhood to Mother-Goddess: Transcendence from Self to Absolute, curated by visiting Fulbright Scholar Neeta Naique.


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Is Photography only for the young?

Mrs. Deane’s recent post on agism in photography contests and exhibition opportunities  is something that I think about more often as time passes. Maybe it has something to do with society’s obsession with youth and beauty,and photography’s undeniable role in creating/propagating that phenomenon at the cost of under appreciating the value of wisdom & experience. This goes double for faculty hiring! Mrs Deane. field notes : ageism

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